Chumbawamba stuff on EMI and UNIVERSAL

7243 495238 21 CHUMBAWAMBA "Tubthumper" CD '97
In various slightly different formats. Later versions of the album include the extra song, "Top Of The World"

CHUMBAWAMBA "Tubthumping" CD single '97
Different versions, different sleeves (threatened by the Arm & Hammer Company...), different remixes and extra songs

7243 884801 09 CHUMBAWAMBA "Amnesia" CD single '97
Again, various different versions. One version has remixes by Zion Train, Decontrol, etc; another version has remixes of 'Tubthumping'; etc etc

CHUMBAWAMBA "Top Of The World" CD single '98

Also released on World Cup compilation "Ole, Ola, Allez"

7243 4 99231 26 CHUMBAWAMBA "Uneasy Listening" CD '99

Compilation of umpteen years of recording - 23 tracks from all eras of Chumbawamba

Seeland 020C CHUMBAWAMBA/NEGATIVLAND "ABC's Of Anarchy" CD single '99
Collaboration with pop/copyright terrorists Negativland

CHUMBAWAMBA "Tony Blair" CD single '99
UK Mailing List only Xmas present. One track CD. An attack on Tony Blair, British Prime Minister

7243 5 24968 2 2 CHUMBAWAMBA "WYSIWYG" CD '00
What You See Is What You Get: Chumbawamba new album. 22 tracks-worth. Bonus track on Japanese release.

7243 8 88206 2 2 CHUMBAWAMBA "She's Got All The Friends That Money Can Buy" CD single '00
Only available as single release in Europe [excluding UK]. 4 tracks including much discussed "Passenger List for Doomed Flight 1721"

CHUMBAWAMBA "Enough Is Enough [Kick It Over]" CD single '00
Limited Edition Free CD given away at Austrian shows. One track CD. An attack on Joerg Haider and the rise of fascism in Austria. Reworking of Enough Is Enough from "Anarchy" album.

CHUMBAWAMBA "Her Majesty" CD single 2002
Limited Edition Free CD given away to UK mailing list. One track CD. Reworking of Beatles track of same name with a few extra verses thrown in to 'celebrate' Queen's Golden Jubilee.

ENEMY WITHIN "God Save The Queen" 12" vinyl single 2002
Limited Edition Free 12" bootleg single. Another 'celebration' of the Queen's Golden Jubilee featuring the Sex Pistols. Very offensive!